Monday, 31 December 2012

31st December 2012

Dunstall Park

Cloudy, cold, WNW wind, continuous light rain, perfect end to 2012.
11.40am to 12.30am.

A quick check of the lake showed the Gadwall pair were still present, dabbling and preening near the margins (at least a five-day stay).  A pair of Mallard  provided an interesting comparison of the females of the two species.  Teal numbers have risen to their highest of the winter, with 22 birds counted (12 males and 10 females), the males displaying madly, calling, rushing at each other, arching backwards and flaring their crests.  Eight Snipe crouched among brown and streaked vegetation at the base of the lake island, difficult to spot, doubtless more present.  A Jay flew to lakeside bushes, dropping down into long grass, possibly to hunt for buried acorns.  At least six Coot are still on the lake, almost certainly adults and youngsters from the summer's two breeding pairs.  At least 90 Canada Goose grazed on the central grass area, near 20 Rook feeding with at least two Jackdaw.  More than 250 Black-headed Gull rested on the grass, alongside at least 15 Herring Gull and 12 Lesser Black-backed Gull, the birds being periodically disturbed by Crow and Magpie.  I left them to it, for a hot coffee in hotel reception.  Undisturbed.   

(NB  Dunstall Park is a commercial site.  Access is restricted).

Sunday, 30 December 2012

sun 30/12/12   early morning

Mid section  Tettenhall Rd  - Compton Rd inc Barleyfield

Cloudy,some sunshine later,  SW 3.

Leaving the car at Meadow View a robin and wren where singing and robins sang as I walked through the Paddocks. The walk along the canal from Meccano Bridge to Compton Lock was quiet with just 1 little grebe and a song thrush singing from the rough area between the old railway and the canal. The Barleyfield was quiet untill I found the finch flock,just a few chaffinch to start with in Lower Alders being joined by a small number of goldfinch, these flew to Eddys Alders, the flock flitted between the two groups of alders for some time eventually totaling 30+ goldfinch, 10+ chaffinch and 4+ siskin. Back to Compton Lock where 2 little grebe had appeared below the lock, A kingfisher was perched on the Smestow brook behind the prefabs,seen from the bridge it flew north eventually. 3 little grebe were on the canal between here and Meccanao Bridge and another just north of said bridge. A great spotted woodpecker calling from the Paddock and a dunnock singing near the old Tettenhall bridge on Meadow View. And so for breakfast.

Saturday, 29 December 2012


Walk from Castlecroft canal bridge, Wightwick, to Newbridge, following Smestow brook, Staffs &Worcs Canal and old railway track.
A damp, dull, cool Christmas Day morning, clearing to broken cloud, 10.00am to 12.50am.  Very quiet, a couple of joggers and three dogwalkers.

Approaching Castlecroft canal bridge along a short track I was aware of  three Greenfinch and a small flock of Long-tailed Tit in a tree bordering fields by Pool Hall lane (four-plus Magpie had been calling and chasing each other over the lane, possible territorial or pairing behaviour seen in recent days from other small flocks over Newbridge and Whitmore Reans).  Crossing the bridge and walking along the county boundary hedge towards the Smestow brook, I heard Fieldfare calling, and tracked five to a tree next to Wightwick fields.  Three Redwing and six Goldfinch were with them, as were 18 Yellowhammer and a few Chaffinch, dropping down to feed on the arable field the other side of the hedge.  The inevitable Buzzard, a light-plumaged bird, was perched in alders on the edge of Wightwick fields near the canal embankment, and a female Kestrel, in the area for  some weeks, hovered over rough grass nearer the Bridgnorth Road.  A Grey Heron flew from a still swollen Smestow south of  Windmill Lane, and closer inspection of the brook revealed a male Kingfisher perched along the same stretch.  Leaving the fields, I followed the canal towpath under Windmill Lane, and found a single Goldcrest flitting in and out of the hedge below Wightwick lock cottage.  At least five Moorhen grazed on the edge of the Smestow School playingfields, and at Wightwick Mill lock a glance down on to fields bordering the Bridgnorth Road revealed a splended white-collared male Common Pheasant.  Crossing the lock bridge brought me to a copse by the excavated sand fields south of Compton, where I heard a Nuthatch calling and saw four female and two male Bullfinch feeding alongside a singing Goldfinch.  Things were even quieter as mid-day approached, but the harsh call of a Jay came from the northern section of the Wolverhampton Environment Centre.  Feeding finches seemed to be absent from the edges of Compton Park and the neighbouring barleyfield area, but a small flock of  Woodpigeon foraged alongside five Stock Dove.  Nearing the end of the walk I caught a brief view of a male Sparrowhawk  slanting down low over the Smestow brook towards Compton Park, and watched two Coal Tit at a garden feeding station by Newbridge playingfield.  Then it was home to a (non-wild) Turkey.

Happy Christmas!    

Monday, 24 December 2012

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Good Birdin for 2013


Sunday, 23 December 2012

NEWBRIDGE WOOD next to Newbridge playingfield, south of Hordern Road and bordering Staffs & Worcs Canal, 10am to 10.30am.
Cool, bright, WNW breeze, high broken cloud.
A brief walk through a relatively quiet wood, livening up as flocks of Long-tailed Tit (eight-plus seen), Blue Tit, Great Tit and Chaffinch started to feed in trees warmed by the early sun along the eastern edge of the site.  A Nuthatch, calling, joined them, with Wren, Robin and Dunnock heard in ground cover each side of the main path.  Magpies were active over and in the southern end of the wood, with Woodpigeon flying away over the Double Pennant boatyard towards the old railway.  Gruff warning notes from a resident Crow suggested something was about to happen, and sure enough, within seconds there were the unmistakable "cronk" calls as two Raven swept in over the trees, close together and barrelling away towards the north west low over the boatyard towards the Tettenhall Road.
Later, a flock of c.20 Black-headed Gulls circled, dipped and floated low over the cricket square on the playingfield, touching down briefly to snatch bread left for them by a dog-walker, the pure white tails and underwings of the adults lit up in the clear air.  A single Jay perched on the Newbridge wharf fence before dropping down to the canalside feeding station, and two Coal Tits fed from a garden fatholder at the back of a house in Crowther Road bordering the playingfield.
10.55am to 11.40am.
Damp conditions are attracting gulls to the site's central grass area, and at least 200 Black-headed Gulls were present initially, with a small number of Lesser Black-backed Gull.  Within minutes of a rough count being made all the birds took off responding to alarm calls from at least two Herring Gull circling overhead.  There was no sign of a raptor, but none of the gulls returned, most leaving towards the NW, others towards the city.  Water levels at the racecourse lake are their highest since late summer downpours, with six Coot present, the birds almost certainly adults and immatures from this summer's two breeding pairs and their offspring.  A first-winter Grey Heron was tucked into shoreline vegetation, and at least six male and two female Teal swam close to the lake island.  Five Snipe stood partially concealed by the edge of the island (with no exposed mud or visible margins, numbers for this species are way down for this stage of the winter).  A Robin sang from lakeside bushes (an unusal location) and c.70 Crow foraged near the lake or perched in the oak copse next to the Staffs & Worcs Canal.  A male and female Bullfinch moved through bushes on the western edge of the site, and a male Great Spotted Woodpecker called from trees by the north west corner near Aldersley canal junction.  A light-plumaged adult Buzzard took off from a wood pile in the same corner, circling low over lock 20 on the Birmingham Canal and flying off towards the railway carriageworks and Oxley.                
(NB  Dunstall Park is a private commercial site. Access is restricted.)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday 17th December 2012

14:30 Lock 14 adjacent to Science Park.

No bins and 1st time on this section on deciding to walk to Newbridge after work in town. Paid dividends when 23 Waxwing, were stumbled upon feeding and resting in the hedge at the side of the lock.

Typically confiding and calling, watched for 5 minutes, then the group flew up into birches before circling and diving in synchronised close darting flight, allowing accurate count as the group split in 2 before rejoining and dropping near the base of the railway viaduct.

Also 2 Coot, 2 Grey Wagtail and female Kestrel nearby.
Sunday 16th December 2012

Light SW, dry, clear with light frost.

Skywatch from Barleyfield till 08:00 then count between the road bridges at Newbridge and Compton, including canal, railway, most of the barleyfield and Compton Park.

1 Canada Goose - West
4 Goosander - NE along ridge
Kestrel - from roost SW over St. Edmunds
34 B H Gull - SW
56 LBB Gull - South
Adult Herring Gull - South
7 Pied Wagtail - Presumably from City roost - South (Anyone know where roost is this year after the traditional roost trees were cut back last year by Ann Summers!!!)
94 Magpie - ex Roost at Compton Park
At last Corvids!!! Must have heard my plea on Saturday!!!
c100 Jackdaw and c25 Carrion Crow - North over at 07:30 in one large spread flock
4 Starling - SW

Count results for mid-section (excluding skywatch figures):

18 Mallard, 3 Little Grebe, 1 Buzzard, 1 Sparrowhawk, 14 Moorhen, 1 Coot, 107 B H Gull, 5 LBB Gull, Adult Herring Gull, 64 Woodpigeon, 1 Green Woodpecker, 1 G S Woodpecker, 1 Pied Wagtail, 1 Grey Wagtail, 10 Wrens, 14 Dunnock, 30 Robins, 27 Blackbird, 1 Redwing, 1 Song Thrush, 4 Mistle Thrush, 3 Coal Tit, 20 LT Tit, 13 Great Tit, 33 Blue Tit, 1 Nuthatch, 11 Magpie, 2 Jackdaw, 8 Carrion Crow, 2 Starling, 5 House Sparrow, 45 Goldfinch, 10 Chaffinch, 7 Greenfinch, 20 Siskin, 8 Bullfinch.

5 Robins, 3 Wrens,1 Dunnock (Newbridge), 1 Mistle Thrush (Newbridge), 1 Great Tit, 2 Blue Tit and 1 Coal Tit (Station Paddock) were singing during count.

Total 40 SPECIES

Sunday, 16 December 2012

sun  16/12/12    Cloudy          Early Morning
canal   Tettenhall Rd  -  Compton Rd  and Barleyfield area

Coot                                   1 just north Meccano Bridge,
Little Grebe                      5 canal ( 3 between Meccano Br - Tettenhall Br,  2 north Tettenhall Rd )
Grey Heron                       1 fishing nr Compton Lock,
Coal Tit                             1 railway walk nr Aspine Way, 1 calling SW cnr Barleyfield, 1 calling wolves firs
Greenfinch                       10  gardens top of Barleyfield,
Herring Gull                     1 flying SW over Barleyfield,
Siskin                                c 10 feeding in Lower Alders flew to join more at Eddys Alders, making at least 20 birds with the goldfinch. The siskin are new in today,previous max was 3.
Goldfinch                         c 35 with the siskin in Eddys Alders,
Green Woodpecker         1 probable female flew into Eddys Alders,
Great Tit                          1 singing at Meadow View was a surprise,

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sat 15/12/12     Cloudy,mild.       Early Morning 
Canal  Tettenhall - Compton  then Barleyfield.

In order of appearance

Little Grebe             3 ( 1 north of Tettenhall Rd, 1 Newbridge Squash Club, 1 Prefab weir,
Grey Heron             1 fishing  just south of Prefab weir,
Herring Gull            1 flying around Barleyfield,
Cormorant               5 ( 3 ad 2 imm ) flying SW down valley, 1 flying NE up valley,
Greenfinch              4+  between gardens at top of Barleyfield & Central Scrub,
Chaffinch                 20+ mostly ground feeding in Lower Alders,  pair top of Barleyfield,
Coal Tit                   2 calling from top SW cnr Barleyfield,  1 singing nr the Paddock,
Mistle Thrush         1 feeding on Compton playing field,
Goosander              4♂  3♀ flew SW along canal over Meccano Bridge,
Goldfinch                 20+  feeding in Lower Alders,
Robin                       1 singing in the Paddock,
 Coot                         No sign this morning,
15th December  2012
Light-mod SW overcast and drizzle then clearing. Milder.
Barleyfield skywatch 07:45 - 09:50

Cormorant - 4 adult N at 8am then 3 adults and 2 juv SW and another adult N
Goosander - 2 N and 4 male and 3 female SW later
Kestrel - in from NE at dawn briefly hovering over Graisley Culvert area then left to SW
LBB Gull- 126 SW mainly just after dawn
BH Gull - 43 SW,19 upper pitches,22 wetland and c125 at S. Peters
Herring Gull - Adult over barleyfield and Compton Park all morning
Meadow Pipit 4 South
Pied Wagtail - 4 SW
Grey Wagtail - 1 South
Redwing -1 West off Eddys Alders and 2 SW
Mistle Thrush - 1 on upper pitches
Coal Tit - 2 calling just SW of barleyfield
Magpie -90+ ex roost
Starling -  9 SW
Goldfinch -20+ Lower Alders
Chaffinch 5 South and 20+ Lower Alders
Siskin - 1 into Eddys Alders ex North
Bullfinch - 4+ Graisley Culvert area and 10+ at the crossings
Greenfinch -7+ at top of barleyfield

35 SPECIES from one field!! How lucky we are to have this!!!

By the way!! Can anyone tell me where the corvids have gone. Peasley Wood looks dead at the moment!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

thurs 13/12/12        Hard frost, cloudy.     early morning

Little Grebe                          2   1 newbridge squash club, 1 below compton lock,
Coot                                      1   on canal nr Meccano bridge,
Goosander                            2  flew SW along canal over Prefab weir twds Compton,
Grey Wagtail                        1♀  on sill at Prefab weir,
Teal                                       6  flying SW along valley,seen from Barleyfield,
Great Spot Wood                 1 in gardens at top of Barleyfield,
Greenfinch                           4  in gardens at top of Barleyfield,
Goldfinch                              c40 feeding at Eddys Alders,
Chaffinch                              c10 ground  feeding  at Eddys Alders,
Siskin                                    3+ with goldfinch at Eddys Alders,
Kingfisher                             1 perched along Smestow at Prefabs then flew N,

13th December 2012

Castlecroft Bridge dawn skywatch, Wightwick Fields, Staffs and Worcs Canal from Castlecroft Bridge to Newbridge and quick run through paddocks and Compton Park.

6 Little Grebe (1 Wightwick Lock, 2 Compton Allotments, 1 below Compton Lock, 2 Tennis Club)
Grey Heron Wightwick Fields
2 Adult/ 2 Juv Mute Swan on canal just North of Castlecroft Bridge, none ringed.
61 Mallard along canal 21 mid section and 40 South section
5 Buzzard 2 adult/1 juv Wightwick Fields, 1 Peasley Wood, 1 Eddys Alders
2+ Sparrowhawk female at Castlecroft Bridge, male mobbed by Crow at Newbridge and later 1 sat in bushes by the main paddock
Female Kestrel Wightwick Road Bridge
32 Moorhen along canal 19 South section and 13 mid section
Coot Meccano Bridge
50 LBB Gulls mainly East over Castlecroft Bridge
408 Woodpigeon South over Castlecroft Bridge (500+ feeding later in Pool Hall area)
Kingfisher on Smestow at Wightwick Fields
Green Woodpecker Eddys Alders
G S Woodpecker North of Castlecroft Bridge
Meadow Pipit over Castlecroft Bridge
Pied Wagtail at Castlecroft Bridge
Grey Wagtail female at Prefab Weir
7 Redwing (2+ Wightwick Fields, 3+ North of Castlecroft Bridge, 2+ St. Edmunds)
Mistle Thrush 1 at Wightwick Fields
3 Fieldfare 2 at Castlecroft Bridge 1 North of Castlecroft Bridge
Goldcrest Compton Park
Coal Tit Compton Park
35+ L T Tits (c10 North of Castlecroft Bridge, c10 The Dell, c15 Compton Lock)
Nuthatch Main Paddock Newbridge
Jay Compton Allotments
33 Starling South over Castlecroft Bridge, presumably to feed at Trescott Sewage Works
c5 House Sparrow Compton Park Gardens
Linnet South over Castlecroft Bridge
5+ Goldfinch Castlecroft Bridge Area
Siskin South over Wightwick Fields
Redpoll 1 over the Dell
17+ Greenfinch around Castlecroft Bridge and towpath just North
7+ Bullfinch (2+ Wightwick Mill Lock, 3+ The Dell, 2+ The Academy
Male Reed Bunting calling from Hawthorn tops just North of Castlecroft Bridge
12+ Yellowhammer (5+ round Castlecroft Bridge and 7 East over)

TOTAL 48 Species!!!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

SUNDAY 9th DECEMBER  (continued!!)

Dunstall Park

Common Gull  One adult, on central grass area.
(Most gulls seen at the racecourse this autumn and winter. Common Gull and Great Black-backed Gull are irregular Dunstall Park visitors). 
Rook  8 foraging on central grass area.
Woodpigeon  50-plus foraging on central grass area.
Jay  Bird flying to grass next to lake, twice dropping down to hop around a small area, eventually digging up an acorn, flying with it to bush near lake and eating it.  How do they remember?!
Teal  Three males, two females, on lake.
Moorhen  One juvenile, on lake.
Lapwing  One on lake island.
Canada Goose  One at base of lake island.

Fields bordering Smestow brook, between Windmill Lane, Wightwick, and Castlecroft canal bridge. 11.00am to 13.45pm.
Bright, clear, calm, cool.
Kestrel  A female, perched just south of Windmill Lane.  Seen in area for next hour and a half, hovering over rank grass and perching near brook, not seen to catch prey.  Bird in area for some weeks.
Buzzard  A juvenile and an adult, birds present in Wightwick fields area since late sumer.  Both perched on phone wire posts, middle section of fields, juvenile calling.  Later, one dropped down to forage for worms by mole hills beside brook, watched by three Magpie.
Kingfisher  Two birds.  One perched by brook just south of county boundary hedge line just south of the Sabrina Road gardens, another flying at it, the two then chasing each other round sallows before flying up to Castlecroft canal bridge and then turning along canal towards Pool Hall.
Waxwing  21  Four birds seen initially at tops of low trees at base of Sabrina Road gardens bordering Wightwick fields, fly-catching in calm, bright conditions.  Soon afterwards all four flew towards Bridgnorth Road, joined in flight suddenly by a flock, all birds ending up at the top of trees between the entrance to Wightwick Manor grounds and Tinacre Hill.  Twenty one birds were counted, and for the next few minutes they flew from their perch fly-catching, some moving back towards Sabrina Road.  Eventually all 21 were back on the edge of Wightwick fields, at least 15 flying to perch, fly-catch and preen in alders by the Smestow brook.  The birds then moved to silver birch and other trees in the sloped gardens of Sabrina Road, twice dropping down to a berry bush by the edge of the fields.  At around 13.00 a female Sparrowhawk hurtled into the flock above the berry bush, scattering the birds.  None were caught, but the flock disappeared and the birds were not seen again.
Green Woodpecker  One flew along the edge of the grass fields and into conifers in Sabrina Road gardens.
Jay  One flew along border of Sabrina Road gardens and grass fields.
Grey Wagtail  One heard calling, Smestow brook behind former Wine Rack off-licence building. 
 Mistle Thrush  One foragin, southern section of Wightwick fields.
Dunstall Park
10am to 11.30am, dull, damp, blustery NW wind, rain later.
Black-headed Gull  300-plus on central grass area.
Lesser Black-backed Gull  50 (including immatutes) on central grass area.
Herring Gull  30 (including immatures)  on central grass area.
Greater Black-backed Gull  One first-winter bird, on central grass area.

Common Gull

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Early morning skywatch at top of Barleyfield -Light Westerlies and clearing skies

52 Redwing SW
7 Fieldfare SW
358 Woodpigeon mainly East
2 Siskin into Eddys Alders
4 Stock Dove N
1 Repoll S

Also Nuthatch at Meccano Bridge and 2 more on Compton Road by entrance to Compton Park.

Special thanks to Eagle-eyed Angus and Geoff for putting me onto my first valley Waxwings!!!!
sat  8/12/12          Cloudy with a slight frost, sunny later.     early morning.

Little Grebe        1 only this morning just south of Meccano Bridge,
Grey Heron        1  fishing in canal nr wolves training grd,
Coot                    1 on canal nr Meccano Bridge,
Kingfisher          1 seen dashing north along Smestow Brook behind prefabs,
Lesser Redpoll  1 flew calling over gardens at top of Barletfield,
Goldfinch            c30 in Eddys Alders,
Chaffinch            c10 feeding amongst leaf litter in Eddys Alders,
Nuthatch             1 calling from fir trees bordering wolves training grd,
Long tail Tit       c10 in hedgerow between canal and the Paddock,

                  Later this morning

A phone call from Angus just before 12:00 with the news of the day  21  waxwing   he had found on Wightwick Fields. With in 20 mins I had picked up Chris and we were watching from the Bridgenorth Rd.
I'll leave angus to give more details. Well done Angus.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Between Newbridge and Compton, 10.00am to 11.15am.
Dull, cold, calm, hard frost.

Coot  1 adult, on canal just south of Meccano Bridge.
Buzzard  1 dark-plumaged bird, very low over reedbed area between canal and old railway, just south of Mecano Bridge.  Hunting bird, perching three times as it flew back towards Compton, scanning the ground.
Kingfisher  1  flying from canal run-off stream, junction with Smestow brook behind Henwood Road prefab houses.
Little Grebe  1 on canal south of Meccano Bridge, 1 on canal just below Compton lock.
Grey Heron  1  flying along canal towards Compton.
Goldfinch  6  in alders, NE edge of Compton barleyfield.
Mistle Thrush  1  on Compton Park playingfields.
Moorhen  10 (including at least two immatures) on canal between Newbridge and Compton.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

wed  5/12/12   Cold and icy after o/night rain.     Early morning

Both Wren & Robin were singing as I arrived at Meadow View bridge at first light,I walked the canal in the dim light and just about made out a Coot but no Little Grebe as I reached Meccano bridge. A steady walk to compton lock was uneventful ( no Kingfisher by Smestow Brook behind the prefabs ) just 1 Little Grebe by the lock.
Making my way to the Barleyfield I passed another singing Wren on the old rail track nr Aspine Way ( this was the last singing bird of the day ). A Lesser Redpoll flew over and landed briefly on trees in gardens at the top of Barleyfield where 4 or 5 Greenfinch were feeding. To the west 12 Redwing headed south west over Tettenhall Ridge. I came across a party of 30+ Goldfinch feeding in Alders at the bottom of Barleyfield these soon lifted and flew towards more Alders on the edge of Compton playing field,they were joined by 20+ Chaffinch,whilst watching Eddys Alders I found at least 3 Siskin including 1♂ with the Goldfinch.
                Nothing new was to be found on Barleyfield so I headed back to Compton Lock to walk the canal home.Checking the Smestow behind the prefabs I found a Kingfisher perched a little way south of the bridge.Continuing along the canal there were 3 Little Grebe near Meccano bridge and another 2 by Newbridge tennis club.Met Ian here and he put me onto a Coal Tit in the Paddock.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

sun  2/12/12      Cold & frosty       early morning

 The Barleyfield

The Paddock

Little Grebe                 5 including  2 between Meccano Br & Compton Lock  & 3 below Compton Loc
Grey Heron                 1  flying north past Prefabs,
Coot                             1 on canal nr Newbridge tennis club,
Buzzard                        1 flew south west over Newbridge tennis courts whilst still dark,
GS Woodpecker         1 calling from trees opposite Prefab Weir,
finch flock                    c20  mostly chaffinch with some goldfinch watched in Lower Alders,
Goldfinch                     c35 including the LA birds at Eddys Alders,
Chaffinch                     c20 including the LA birds at Eddys Alders,

With Autumn passage feeling a distant memory and your hands starting to feel like blocks of ice, whilst working the patch, here is something to warm the soul and keep the eyes keen!!!:

Here are some birds that have been seen in the valley during December:

Little Egret -2003
Pintail -2002
Mandarin -2006
Goosander - rare till 2008 and now annual
Peregrine -2002
Merlin -2006
Water Rail - recorded most years
Oystercatcher -1989
Curlew -1990
Woodcock -1996
Jack Snipe - 2001,2003,2005,2007
Little Gull -2001
Mediterranean Gull -1995
Yellow-legged Gull -2003,2006
Iceland Gull -1989,2008
Kittiwake -1978
Long-eared Owl -1996
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker -1989,1996,2002,2005
Stonechat - 2002,2005,2006
Marsh Tit -2006
Hawfinch -1990

Please comment to provide any good December sightings since 2009 and happy birding to all!!!
2/12/12 - Hard frost, overcast,light Westerlies
Frozen Paddock!!
2 Little Grebe
Coot - canal S of Newbridge (Scarce patch visitor when local pools freeze)
Grey Heron
Sparrowhawk over barleyfield at dawn
Collared Dove - Newbridge - scarce on mid section this year
Kingfisher on canal at Newbridge
10 Redwing W over Tennis Club + 1 N over paddock
2 Fieldfare W over Tennis Club + 2 NE over Compton Park
Coal Tits at Newbridge and paddock
9 L T Tits at Newbridge
3 Nuthatch together canalside at Tennis Club
c20 Chaffinch and c35 Goldfinch at Eddys Alders
2 Siskin South over canal at Newbridge

32 species

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Just a few images from my visit to the South end of the valley today!
2 of 3 Little Grebe that were on the canal just South of
Compton Road Bridge.

View from Turners Fields looking SW towards
Wightwick Ridge over Smestow School Playing fields
Member of a band of Long Tailed Tits feeding
between the canal and Smestow Brook, near The Dell
South of Compton.
1/12/12 - south and mid sections of valley
Heavy frost, light westerlies, started clear then rain before clearing again early am
Little Grebe: 3 WP at Compton canal bridge, partial SP birds at prefab weir and meccano bridge
Grey Heron on canal at smestow school
66 Mallard S of Newbridge
Buzzards:1 by canal at smestow school,adult and juv at castlecroft
Fem Sparrowhawk at Castlecroft
Male Kestrel at Dell and castlecroft
Fem Pheasant over canal at wightwick road bridge
36 Moorhen S of Newbridge
Adult Herring Gull at Smestow PF
Stock Dove Castlecroft
925 Woodpigeon SW over Wightwick Road Bridge at dawn to feed and 115 NW movement over castlecroft and 125 feeding near Castlecroft bridge
Collared Dove over Castlecroft
Kingfishers on Smestow by Castlecroft bridge and off canal at the Dell
G S Woodpeckers at Castlecroft,Peasley Wood and Pine Tree Hill
Pied Wagtails at Wightwick and Castlecroft
1st 3 Dunnock singing at Newbridge
Song Thrush at Compton Allotments
Singing Mistle Thrush at Castlecroft with 4 others nearby
5 Fieldfare at Castlecroft and 4 W over and 6 SW over Pine Tree Hill
2 Redwing over Wightwick and 10 at Castlecroft
3 Goldcrest at St. Edmunds
Coal Tit at Prebab Weir,2+ at Newbridge feeders and 1 at Compton Park
C10 L T Tit at Peasley Wood,9 at Wightwick Lock, 10 on railway N of Env. Centre,15 in SE corner of Env. Centre wood and 9 at Newbridge
2 Nuthatch together in Newbridge main paddock
Jays at Env.Centre and Newbridge
36 Jackdaw N over Barleyfield at dawn
16 Starling S over Castlecroft
C5 House Sparrow at Castlecroft, c5 at Env.Centre and 7 at Compton Allotments
Siskin over Castlecroft
4 Yellowhammer at Castlecroft Bridge
44 Species

A frosty Barleyfield

sat  1/12/12        V/cold & frosty    early morning

Goldcrest                    1 calling from trees nr Meccano Bridge,  1 seen in Lower Alders,
Kingfisher                   1 again on Smestow brook behind Prefab weir,
Little Grebe                2  on canal nr Prefab weir,
Goldfinch                    c 20 feeding on alders at Eddys Alders, later moved to Lower Alders,
Grey Wagtail              1 on Graisley brook at the culvert on Barleyfields NW cnr,
Chaffinch                    c10 with goldfinch flock at Lower Alders,
Siskin                          1  with goldfinch & chaffinch at Lower Alders,