Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Update regarding developments in the vicinity of the Barleyfield and Compton Park

As promised, I have carried out some enquiries regarding any proposals for development of land along Compton Road, bordering the Local Nature Reserve.

There appear to be no planning applications submitted in respect of housing developments, and no consultation processes under way regarding any such developments.

Most of you will probably be aware of the press release that came out in May, but for ease you can find it at:


One thing is clear though. Every visit to the valley of late has included enquiries from local residents who are opposed to any further developments in the Compton Park/Barleyfield area. There are certainly enough people with a common view that would provide a powerful voice, should any such proposals surface in the future.

It is a credit to the people of Smestow Valley, that they hold such a strong attachment to our only Local Nature Reserve. In a modern way of life that is so fast and cold, local residents value the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty and peace that the area brings. The strength of the bond that people have with urban nature reserves, serves to show that the vision created through Natural England was correct - contact with nature and protected open spaces is an important social requirement.

Everyone is asking the same question: with so many abandoned sites in areas of low value to nature and the public, why do we keep seeing developers along our green corridors????

Thank you to everyone that has shared their thoughts and concerns with me over the past few months.

Please email me at smestowsightings@gmail.com if you have any further concerns or information.

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