Sunday, 25 May 2014

beyond belief

Our reader may be aware of the catastrophic decline in vulture populations in India.  The cause has been identified as an anti-inflammatory drug used by vetenarians on cattle called diclofenac. It has now been banned over there but unbelievably it has recently been licensed by the EU authorities for use in southern Europe where several, already endangered vulture species breed.
To register your opposition please follow the following link;
Whilst on ethical issues, I suspect our reader is already aware of the continuing slaughter of spring migrants in Malta.  Let the Maltese government know why you wont consider going there for a holiday and pressure your newly elected MEPs to challenge the derogation which allows them to shoot turtle doves and ortolans amongst others.
Meanwhile back in the valley things are quietening down altho the willow warbler is still singing forlornly in the barleyfield accompanied by garden warbler. the Little owl is also frequenting castle croft bridge.

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