Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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First walk in the valley since return from far north of Scotland, still the odd singing warbler; chiffchaff blackcap and garden warbler.  On walk from newbridge to town via the 21 locks biggest surprise was lack of moorhens, only saw 1 brood of 3 by lock 19.  by contrast there were more coot at the town end single under viaduct followed by pair with 2 young under railway drive and pair with 5/6 young at horsley fields. (note I cut across from Stafford rd to carvers so missed about half a mile).
No sign of common tern that had seen a few years ago fishing the canal by horsley fields (always wiondered where it came from ?? clayhanger seems a long way but do they breed closer it was end june).
Notable in Scotland was the number of singing Sedge warblers on the north coast but not that many willows.  both species seem to me to be scarce in England this year.

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