Saturday, 17 January 2015

...and into the new year

Not much to report in first two weeks of Jan.
A Kingfisher has been seen on the Smestow brook north of Hordern rd which showed an all black bill which means male as opposed to the female usually seen south of the meccano around the spill weir.
A grey wagtail remains faithful to this latter sight as does one at the waterbridge, a third bird is regular in my garden.
very few winter thrushes with just 4 on the football pitches, all redwing,
and no sightings of the barleyfield kestrel(s).
Just outside of the valley the local paper has reported the ring-necked parakeets from west park. A pair were around the boating lake this morning and their are rumours of more than this.
Also just outside the valley ,and belatedly, a little egret fed in the field on the corner of wobaston rd and pendeford hall lane in mid December.

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