Saturday, 25 July 2015

It felt like autumn stirring this morning

25th July 15           morning               mid section

mostly cloudy,  12-15°c,  1014mb,  NW 11 mph

Only one singing bird (song thrush ) today, but  more activity than the last few days with family parties of whitethroat,blackcap and chaffinch. Nothing unusual yet but it's early days for autumn passage.
The parakeet was heard calling from the fir trees near Meccano bridge and then it arched north over Compton field almost following the line of the canal. Our parakeets spent most of last winter in and around West Park defending a tree with a possible nest hole which was blown down in storms around January. They were not seen again until Ian had them flying over Crowther Rd on 22nd Jan, but for the last two weeks local birders have reported them back at the park again, I had one today and one last saturday so are they the same pair or have we got more??

Mallard 1♀ Wetlands
Moorhen 2 broods 1+1 imm  Wetlands,   1+1 imm  Meadow View,
Black Headed Gull 15 ( 1 juv ) Compton Field
Lesser Black Backed Gull odds over mid section
Ring Necked Parakeet 1 over 1 calling then flew  N across Compton playing field,
Swift 2 over Tettenhall Ridge
Green Woodpecker calls Tettenhall Ridge
Swallow 1 over Compton Field
House Martin 30+ over Barleyfield
Song Thrush 1 singing Hanging Grds 
Whitethroat 4 (family) Hanging Grds 
Blackcap 3+ ( family ) Hanging Grds 
Chiffchaff calls Station Paddock,   Graiseley Culvert,
Long Tailed Tit calls Hanging Grds
Jay 1 >> to Lower Alders
Chaffinch 3♂ 1♀ 2 juv 1♂ Meccano Grds,  2♂+1♀+2 juv ( family ) Hanging Grds
Greenfinch 4 Hanging Grds
Goldfinch calls Hanging Grds
Bullfinch calls Hanging Grds

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