Sunday, 4 October 2015

A mixed bag

4th October 15              morning                  mid section

sunny,  8-13°c,  1014mb,  SE 6 mph

Two warbler species, chiffchaff  one in bushes near Meccano Br and blackcap 1♀ in Hanging Grds northern end and a male by the Barleyfield crossings in elder bushes. Again numerous sightings of jay around the Barleyfield probably involving 2-3 birds and one calling by the station. Two green woodpecker flying and calling in the Hanging Grds, one flew across field to Wetland Alders. A nuthatch calling from the eastern border of Barleyfield was unusual. A grey wagtail foraging in the brook by the bridge at Prefabs and a little grebe by the Meccano bridge.

Little Grebe 1 1 nr s/p  Meccano Br,
Moorhen 2 imm 1 imm Prefab weir,   1 imm Meccano Br,
Green Woodpecker 2 Barleyfield
Grey Wagtail 1 1 ad wt  Prefabs on smestow,
Wren 2 singing mid section
Robin 15 singing mid section
Blackcap 1♂ 1♀ 1♀ Hanging Grds,  1♂ Hanging Grds X,
Chiffchaff 1 Meccano Grds
Nuthatch calls Barleyfield Eastern Border 
Jay 4+ mid section
Chaffinch 2 >> E over Barleyfield
Bullfinch 5 Barleyfield
Red Admiral 1 Meadow View
Speckled Wood 2 1 Barleyfield,  1 Prefab Weir

an oversight from yesterday

A confrontation with the Barleyfield fox

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