Saturday, 31 October 2015

A winter fare

31st October 15          morning               mid section

murky,   11-13°c,  1019mb,  SSE 9-7 mph

A good start with grey wagtail and 3 little grebe off Meadow View bridge and a few redwing over the Paddocks. Barleyfield was quiet until we got to the top where we had more redwing, greenfinch, goldfinch and a ♂ sparrowhawk, the sparrowhawk reappeared over the Wetlands  and we had a ♀ over the valley later. The Wetlands also held more goldfinch and chaffinch. A great spotted woodpecker (probably ♀) perched high in trees between Hanging Grds and the railway walk and the Barleyfield was done. The canal produced six immature moorhen, more than we have seen for a long time but 3 of them were just north of the Tettenhall Rd so not officially the mid section. Also at the feeders here by the moored boats we had a coal tit, loads of greenfinch and another great spotted woodpecker a male this time. A smart grey wagtail on the Smestow at the Prefab bridge brings at least 3 different individuals on the patch. Two here ( prefabs ) and another well marked bird on the Smestow by St Michael's school.

Little Grebe 3 ( 1 S + 2 N ) MV, later  2 Tennis Courts,  
Canada Goose c50 over Barleyfield in 3 groups
Sparrowhawk 1♂ over Top Roses,  again Wetlands,  1♀ over Valley,
Moorhen 6 imm (1 imm Prefab weir,  1 imm Meccano Br, 1 imm Meadow View, 3 imm Newbridge boats,).
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1♀ Hanging Grds,  1♂ Newbridge boats feeders,
Grey Wagtail 1 Meadow View,  1 v/bright Prefabs Smestow,
Wren 1 singing Lower Alders
Robin 7 singing mid section
Song Thrush 5+ mid section
Redwing c45 mid section
Coal Tit 1 Newbridge boats feeders
Chaffinch 2+ Wetlands, 2+ Newbridge boats feeders,
Greenfinch c10 Top Roses,  c10 Newbridge boats feeders,
Goldfinch 10+ Barleyfield
Bullfinch 2 Shrike Bushes

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