Sunday, 18 October 2015

Hour vizmig produces 169 redwing

18th October 15          morning                 mid section

dull & o/cast  10-11°c,   1021mb,   N 5-NNE 8 mph

Changed my routine today and started at the top of Barleyfield to catch the last hour of redwing migration. 169 redwing in flocks of between 4-5 up to c50. ( 5 heading N + 30 SW + 4 local + 20 NW + c50 NW most of which dived into the cover of the Barleyfield Annex + 16 N + 9 into Annex + another 4 into Annex + 11 W + 10 W + at least 10 in and around the area of top Barleyfield ). Strange thing is when I later went to find the birds that had dropped into the Annex area there was no sight or sound. Where had they gone? All was very quiet later when I did the rounds.
Always check Chaz Masons excellent blog and today he's encouraging aspiring birders to get out there because its teeming with winter visitors like redwing,fieldfare,siskin,redpoll and others, just wish he would sent some of them over here.

Little Grebe 2 ( 1 s/p + 1 darkish w/p )  Squash Club,
Sparrowhawk sat in Eastern Border ash tree, Barleyfield
Moorhen few 1 imm Meccano Br,  1 imm Prefab weir, 
Stock Dove 1 1 Barleyfield,  prob same Wetlands,
Robin 9 singing mid section
Redwing 169 Barleyfield
Greenfinch 3+ Top Roses

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