Thursday, 15 October 2015

Redwings have arrived 

15th October 15          morning               mid section

o/cast & cold,   6-10°c,  1023mb,   N 6 mph,

After just five minutes on site a small flock of c25 redwing flew northwest over Meadow View. The first for this autumn in the valley ( as far as I know ). The bushes and trees were quiet again, so instead of spending time bush bashing the lower Barleyfield I made my way up top to view the sky ( birders call this  "vismig" or visible migration ) in only half an hour two redwing  flocks of around 60 each went over again heading northwest, also seven were found in the dogwood and roses and blackthorn of the southwest corner.
Two parakeets flew west over the Wetlands, Two mute swan entered the Barleyfield airspace from the north arched around just once and immediately returned back north ( what's wrong with Barleyfield ).  The kingfisher put in another of appearance, this time by the tennis club.

Little Grebe 1 N of Meadow View,  later  2 ( 1 s/p+1 wt) N of Meccano Br,
Mute Swan 2 looped over Barleyfield
Canada Goose c30 > NE over Barleyfield
Ring Necked Parakeet 2 flew W over Wetlands
Kingfisher 1 flushed Tennis Courts flew twds Smestow,
Wren 3 singing mid section
Robin 10 singing mid section
Redwing c 150 over mid section
Chiffchaff calls Wetlands
Jay 2 Shrike Bushes
Bullfinch calls Barleyfield

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