Saturday, 10 October 2015

Teal on the cut and parakeets over Ridge

10th October 15             morning                mid section

low cloud,chilly,  7-10°c,  1022mb,   E 5-NE 6 mph

Very quiet today, next to nothing in the trees and bushes, a chiffchaff at Hanging Grds the only bird of note. The stars were four parakeet seen briefly flying north over Tettenhall Ridge and a very obliging female teal swam alongside me as I walked the towpath towards Meadow View. It joined the mallards around the MS centre.

Teal 1♀ swam alongside me from Meccano  - Meadow View were joined Mallards,
Buzzard 2 flew N over Tettenhall Ridge
Black Headed Gull 20 Compton Field
Lesser Black Backed Gull 1 1 Compton Field, odds over,
Ring Necked Parakeet 4 flew N over 4 flying N over Tettenhall Ridge,
Robin 15 singing mid section
Chiffchaff 1 Hanging Grds
Long Tailed Tit 7 Shrike Bushes
Bullfinch calls Hanging Grds

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