Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Out of the gloom

Geoff and I were completely unaware of each others presence on sunday, but he did better than me.
All I can add is a flock of about 15 siskin on the eastern side of the field and a probable redpoll in the hole which with lack of visibility couldn't be nailed. fortunately the siskins were quite vocal.
Undeterred, or some might sat foolishly I ventured into the fog on Monday but only picked up the 3 little grebe and 2 grey wagtail squabbling at the prefab weir. Also a jay squabbling with the female sparrowhawk.
Today was a little brighter but the overall light was gloomy and not conducive to identification.
Two of the little grebe had been sticking to each other like glue but I could only find one, the third bird which had retained more summer plumage was still there. The brighter grey wagtail flew north from Compton lock.
Otherwise it was about thrushes, even a few bars from both song thrush and blackbird but it was a scattering of Redwing which seem to have taken up residence and particularly favour the top of the field. Two goldcrest showed briefly in the paddock and green woodpecker and nuthatch called.

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