Sunday, 8 November 2015

weekend review

We have said many times that timing is critical to what we see and yesterday was another example.  Fortunately I went over at midday just as it was brightening up and the birds seemed to be having a late morning first feed of the day after the rain.
So although nothing unusual many birds were around the old bridge mainly the four members of the tit family in quite a tight flock but also several blackbirds robin and dunnock.
as I moved towards the top of the paddock a looser flock included goldcrest, nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker and more tits.
The field was less busy presumably due to the windy conditions and only 1 redwing. Back into the valley and a different grey wagtail at the water bridge (not the smestow one which has been absent on last 2 visits) female sparrowhawk and a kingfisher going thru the tunnel on the old road.
Today was very different although there were plenty of redwing scattered about and the gull flock on the sports field included 4 herring and 7 lesser black backs.
Finally 2 bits of unusual behaviour a great tit doing a goldcrest like hover flight and a bullfinch feeding upside down ala crossbill on rowan berries.

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