Saturday, 21 November 2015

Winter birds star on a very wintery day

21st November 15       morning              mid section

sunny but very cold wind,  2°c,   1010 mb,   NW 19 mph,

Another by and large slow and quiet day was saved by a fieldfare in the Barleyfield Annex and a count of 6 siskin and about 8 goldfinch in the alders by the wetland pool which when they lifted off as usual proved to almost double that number.

Little Grebe 1 just N of Meadow View,   1 (dark ) Compton Lock,
Buzzard 1 over Wetlands
Moorhen 1 Wetlands
Robin 1 singing Meadow View
Fieldfare 1 Annex Barleyfield
Song Thrush 1 Hanging Grds X
Redwing 10+ Annex Barleyfield
Long Tailed Tit few mid section
Greenfinch 5 Annex Barleyfield
Goldfinch 2 over Wetlands,  8+ Eddies Alders,  ( mixed flock c20 (GO+SK) flew off,
Siskin 6+ Eddies Alders, ( mixed flock c20 (SK+GO) flew off,
Bullfinch 5 mid section

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