Friday, 19 February 2016

moving north??

Some signs of birds on the move with redwing and siskin reappearing.
There have been a scattering of redwing sightings in the last few days anywhere from the orchard at aldersley junction down to wightwick but this afternoon a flock of 20plus was on the training pitch.
Also stock dove on the useless pitch where they seem to regular in the afternoon and a few gulls inc 3 lesser black back but nowhere near the 24 of 10 days ago on the other side of the access road.
Yesterday there were at least 10 siskin back at the pond where they have been for about a week and a handful of redpoll on the railway. 
Plenty of song yesterday morning about 8a.m.  with dunnock the most frequent and mistle thrush joining the party.  Strangely no robins but maybe they start later.
3 linnet were between Compton and wightwick on Monday seen on the way to pool hall where a common scoter had been reported.  It had been reported as a female but we concluded it may have been an immature male.
Otherwise a treecreeper reported from the puddle and one seen on the canal opposite the tennis courts but apparently no parakeet or kingfisher sightings for a couple of weeks.

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ian phillips said...

And of course what did I see Saturday morning but a kingfisher on the smestow in the paddocks. Also redwing flock at least 26