Sunday, 10 April 2016

Migration update

mon 4th April 16              morning               mid section

mostly cloudy,  9-11°c,   1001 mb,  SW 3-1 mph

Hardly any breeze gave a strange still feeling to the day. Good numbers of chiffchaff again and two singing blackcap. Two ring neck parakeet heard calling from Tettenhall Ridge area eventually picked up flying north over Station Paddock. Last bird seen today was a grey heron flying north over Tettenhall Rd. After  none seen for ages, this is the second in a week.

Grey Heron 1 >> N over Meadow View
Canada Goose 8 >> NE over Barleyfield
Mallard 1♂ Wetlands
Buzzard 1 over Valley
Moorhen 2 Wetlands
Ring Necked Parakeet 2 >> N over Station Paddock
Wren 10 singing mid section
Dunnock 5 singing mid section
Robin 8 singing mid section
Blackbird 4 singing mid section
Song Thrush 2 singing Barleyfield
Blackcap 2 singing The Paddock
Chiffchaff 8 singing mid section
Long Tailed Tit pair Annex Barleyfield
Coal Tit 1 Station Paddock
Great Tit 4 singing mid section
Chaffinch 1 singing The Paddock
Greenfinch 1 singing Meadow View
Bullfinch pair Station Paddock

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