Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Subtle changes

More to report this week with a good range of birds and a noticeable change in behaviour.
2 kingfisher sightings yesterday at prefab weir and today reported by a regular dog walker by the meccano.  Could be a bird establishing a winter territory.
A calling parakeet from the paddock continues the recent run.
Blackbirds foraging on ripening berries rather than on the ground is a portent of autumn.
A singing chiffy at t6he wetland yesterday was very hesitant and seemed to be a juvenile whereas todays bird was more confident but unseen.  Which raises an interesting question about autumn singers. Also a silent willow warbler yesterday and a calling bird today. And a garden warbler at the hanging gardens (NW barleyfield today).
Biggest surprise today was a flock of 9 cormorant flying south.
Mondays bird of the day was a high flying duck over the paddock which initially puzzled me.  I got as far as that's not a mallard and is it a goosander before getting the bins on it-a rather uniform pale buff elongated slim bird with set back wings-but needed a look at the books to realise it was a pintail.
Other species encountered in the last 2 days have been green woodpecker, collared dove, and a (mega) house sparrow where we saw an adult and juvenile last year.
Finally flocking behaviour with 2 family parties of bullfinch temporarily giving a flock of 9 but goldfinch and mistle thrush seemingly joining larger flocks elsewhere.

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