Monday, 27 February 2017

Things are looking up

A good weekend in the valley mainly focused around the neglected northern end.
Friday afternoon produced a raven flying at tree top height, and calling, in a NNE direction over aldersley canal junction. A few minutes later what was presumably the same bird made the reverse trip.
The weekend produced 9 grey wagtail sightings. Difficult to know how many birds were involved a minimum of 4 seen in 2X2 at water bridge, but 2 at Oxley were probably one 2 and 2 at the pre fabs could have been the others. If so this would suggest passage birds heading towards their upland breeding sites but hopefully we will have breeding success again in the valley.
Two stone chat, presumed to be female were on the Lupin field.(the rough ground below the Oxley carriage sidings). Wonder how long they had been there. Similarly with a very active chiffchaff just north of oxley viaduct which is not an unusual wintering spot.
The rooks seem to have moved a little south perhaps due to the high winds with regular counts just into double figures.
Great spotted woodpeckers are much more obvious than of late (as are nuthatch) with a pair excavating at the regular spot by the water bridge.
Also in their regular spot were a twittering group of about 10 siskin on the railway line by the coachyard.
Finally the parakeets continue to be seen but am not sure what is going on, a pair have been noted but early doors there was a three some with 2 possibly young birds snuggling up  together on a branch and the 3rd not seeming to have a ringed neck although it may have had a little black under the bill.  It certainly did not have the bright pink bill and pink collar of the regular male as seen today.

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