Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Our pool needs some fish

14th July 15           early morning               mid section

O/cast occ shower,  14°c,   1015mb,     N 2-NNW 3 mph

Ian had a kingfisher on the Wetland site on saturday and I had one seemingly fishing today ( don't think there's any fish though ) so it's found our pool. It would be good if we could stock it with some small fish.
    The weather played its part this morning, not the best, so I was not surprised that not much was going on with the locals but something a little more special may be forced to seek shelter from the rain of the last couple of days. Unfortunately it no such luck.

Mallard 1 brood ♀+ 3 small chicks on brook  Smestow Bridge,
Moorhen 1 brood 1+ 2 juv  Wetlands,
Black Headed Gull 4 over Wetlands
Lesser Black Backed Gull odds over mid section
Stock Dove 3 2 >> N over Shrike Bushes,   1 Wetlands,
Swift odds over Barleyfield
Kingfisher 1 1♂ Wetlands  fishing ? Off walkway 08:05, 
House Martin 1 Barleyfield
Wren 5 singing mid section
Dunnock 5 singing mid section
Blackbird 3 singing Barleyfield
Song Thrush 3 singing mid section
Mistle Thrush 1 imm Wetlands Field
Whitethroat 3 Shrike Bushes
Blackcap 8 (4 singing ) Barleyfield
Chiffchaff 5 singing mid section
Chaffinch 1♂ Shrike Bushes
Greenfinch 3 ( 1 singing ) Top Roses
Goldfinch 5 (2 singing ) Barleyfield
Bullfinch 5 mid section
Meadow Brown 2 Barleyfield
Ringlet few Barleyfield

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David (WolvesWild) said...

15th August - kingfisher back at the pool today on an overcast midday. Flew off as we were crossing the bridge from one end, and someone else from the other side.