Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wagtails save the day

28th February 16        morning            mid section

cloudy,  3-7°c,  1023 mb,  NE 5-8 mph

 Met Ian on arrival at Meadow View, Fishermen on canal so we did the Paddocks. A pair of coal tit was found in the main paddock but little else, a splendid male pied  wagtail in breeding plumage was on the field to the east of our Wetland pool. Another coal tit this one singing from the eastern border of Barleyfield. We headed south to Wightwick Mill Lock and back along the canal without seeing much until we checked the Smestow behind the prefabs, where we were treated to a pair of grey wagtail feeding on the edges of the brook, Little grebe ended the day back at Meadow View.

Little Grebe 1+ S&W Canal
Green Woodpecker calls Compton Rough
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 >> over Sandfields
Grey Wagtail pair pair Smestow Prefabs,
Pied Wagtail 1♂ Wetland Field
Wren song mid section
Dunnock song mid section
Robin song mid section
Song Thrush song mid section
Long Tailed Tit 2 Barleyfield
Coal Tit pr Paddocks + 1 singing Eastern Border Barleyfield
Chaffinch 1 over Wetland Field
Greenfinch 1 singing Compton Allotments
Bullfinch 3♀ Annex Barleyfield

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