Saturday, 16 July 2016

london busses-more thoughts on breeding season

Yeah I know nothing for weeks and then 2 posts in 2 days.
Truth is I forgot to mention the bird of the year on the barleyfield.
Reed warbler;  A singing bird took up residence at the wetland for 8 days in early july (and could still be there sil;ently). Lord angus had reported 4 from dunstall in june so it could have been one of these.
Bullfinch; several juveniles this morning
Coot; 2 adults and 5 juvs by waterbridge.  Presumably bred on dunstall.

An early morning visit today produced a surprise when a bird flew up from the ground in the main paddock flashing an orange tail.  despite searching I could not relocate it so it will have to go down as redstart sp(ecies).  Interesting though after sir Geoffreys's black redstart last year july and mine this year at pool hall (see ydays post), some consolation was a spotted flycatcher.

Apparently absent as breeders this year are willow and garden warblers and last years mega house sparrow.

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