Monday, 25 July 2016

More breeding news

Species already reviewed
Swift seem to be departing but a reasonable year
Whitethroat finally a juvenile at top of barley field and at the difficult to access lupin field
Kingfisher a dark bird at aldersley junction probably worn adult rather than youngster
Goldfinch a good year throughout the valley

Species not previously reviewed
Buzzard 2 juveniles at both wightwick fields and Tettenhall ridge, distinguished by their pristine plumage as compared to the increasingly worn adults
Sparrowhawk juvenile at Compton
Chaffinch 2 juveniles in hanging gardens
Song thrush an excellent year and finally stopped singing
Blackbird again a very productive year
Blue and great tits both done OK but more so the former, yet to find juv coal tit but several family parties of long tails.

Negative on kestrels which had hoped would breed at wightwick

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